The rhubarb in my garden is growing like crazy this year! I planted it a couple of years ago because I wanted to see if it would grow (it does!). Rhubarb has very large leaves that grow at the end of each edible stalk. The stalk averages about 18 inches in length and mine turns a nice red color. Note that the leaves of the rhubarb plant are poisonous so don’t eat them – only eat the stalk.

When I harvest my rhubarb, I look for stalks that are full of moisture. If they are starting to dry out, I discard them because they have likely lost some of their flavor and texture. To harvest, first I break off the stalk near the base. Then I cut off the leaf and discard it. I cut the stalk into 1/2 inch pieces and wash the pieces in cool water. You can keep rhubarb in the refrigerator for a couple of days in a sealed plastic bag before using it, if necessary.

One of my favorite recipes is my Rhubarb Galette. It is full of rhubarb with a bit of Meyer lemon juice and cinnamon. And quite tasty!

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