1 1/2 pounds heirloom tomatoes (assorted sizes and colors)
2-3 ears white corn kernels (cut off the cob)
A handful of fresh basil leaves
3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1  Tablespoon white wine vinegar (either chardonnay or champagne vinegar will work)
1 Tablespoon honey
2 Tablespoons red onion, minced
Sea salt and pepper

You will also need:
Tomato knives
Chopping knife
Small mixing bowl
Bowl for corn
Individual dishes
Measuring spoons

Make the dressing first by combining the olive oil, vinegar, honey and onion. Season well with salt and pepper. Set aside while you prepare the remaining ingredients.

Cut up the tomatoes and arrange in an attractive pattern on individual dishes. Sprinkle corn kernels over the tomatoes.

Roll the basil leaves together and slice them thinly into ribbon-like pieces. Sprinkle over the tomatoes and corn.

Spoon the dressing over the salad. Serve immediately.

Serves 6.

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