Apricots are starting to appear in the farmers markets in Northern California.  Fresh apricots are really healthy for you, as they contain high amounts of beta carotein, the plant form of Vitamin A.  Apricots are also high in anti-oxidents and fiber and low in calories,  making them an excellent snack.

Apriums are now in the markets, too.  I had no idea until a couple of years ago that an aprium actually existed, although it was invented in the late 80’s.  Apriums are complex hybrids made from crossing apricots and plums.  They look like an apricot on the outside and have a nicely sweet balance of apricot and plum flavors.  They are generally only available in California markets in the June timeframe.

Try slicing fresh apricots or apriums over the top of low-fat Greek-style yogurt.  Drizzle with a little honey to finish.  Delicious!

Zeke's best friend says:

Wow, have I been eating apriums and not realizing it? The farmers’ market is always sneaking in new foods that I don’t fully appreciate until someone tells me about them. I ate a wonderful–but slightly different tasting and looking–“apricot” the other day, and I now I realize it must have been an aprium. Yum, good stuff.