I have found that rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Rosemary is hardy, likes sun and flourishes here in Northern California.  As long as you have a good, sunny location, you should be alble to grow it – either in the ground or in a pot.

I think it can be more difficult to use all of that rosemary after you’ve grown it!  I love to use rosemary in cooking – for “tattooing” potatoes, to rub on chickens just before roasting and to marinate lamb chops.  I also like to make rosemary-infused mashed Yukon gold potatoes.  Simply infuse the milk with rosemary before you pour the milk into the potatoes.  (Pour the milk into a pot and heat it  to just below the boiling point.  Turn off the heat but keep the pot of milk on the burner.  Add about six sprigs of rosemary, cover the pot and let it sit for twenty minutes.  Remove the rosemary and toss it out.  Use the rosemary-scented milk in the mashed potato recipe.)

But I still seem to have an abundance of rosemary left over.  So I started putting freshly-cut rosemary into my bath water.  It is really nice!  It makes the room and the water smell just great.  Give it a try!  (Fresh mint is great in bath water, too.)

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