Morel mushrooms have arrived for the 2010 season!   These are the mushrooms that resemble the tip of your finger and have a honeycomb texture to them.   I found morels this week  at Far West Fungi in the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace. 

The morels that I bought were already pretty clean, but before cooking them, I rinsed them quickly to remove any dirt that might have gotten into the honeycomb areas.  Then I sliced them in half and rinsed them quickly again.  I set them onto paper towels to drain. 

I like to prepare morel mushrooms simply by sautéing them in butter and finishing them with a little sea salt and chopped parsley. 

If I am preparing a meat dish such as filet mignon, I like to have a morel mushroom sauce with it.  To make the sauce, I saute a little chopped garlic in butter, add the mushrooms and cook them for about a minute on each side.  Then I add a little chicken stock, simmer for about 2 minutes, then remove the pan from the heat.  I finish the dish off with a little crème fraiche and sea salt.  It is very quick and easy and so delicious. 

Morel mushroom season is short so be sure to pick some up soon.

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