Fresh green garbanzo beans were onhand this morning at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market!  I have eaten dried garbanzo beans and even canned ones, but never fresh ones.  The fresh garbanzos were available from Catalan Family Farm, located in Hollister, California.  The are a certified organic producer and are located on the front side of the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. 

I was thrilled to find these and, of couse, had to buy a few to try.  The fresh garbanzo beans were in their hulls, and they were a little tough to shell.  Each hull contained only one bean.  I tried a few raw, and they were delightful – crisp and peanut-like in flavor.  I wasn’t quite sure how to best cook them.  I could, of course, have boiled or steamed them.  However,  I opted to saute them in a little olive oil and sprinkle them with sea salt before serving.   Hmmm….delicious! The beans tasted a little stronger than they do when dried, with a much fresher, greener flavor.  These fresh garbanzo beans would pair well with fresh corn (also at the market today – first of the season!) in a salad or in a saute.  

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