Culinary Getaways specializes in Private Getaways, such as a week-long excursion with your friends in Paris, or a weekend in Napa Valley. Our Private Getaways are a perfect way to celebrate and share great experiences with close friends and family. We will work with you to tailor the Getaway to exactly what you're looking for - and we will join you there! This customization includes options like focusing on certain cooking techniques such as souffles, dessert making, bread baking and/or on regional styles like French, Italian or Southern. Custom events also allow you to tailor your agenda to the number of excursions, restaurants and food tastings you want. Private Getaways are offered throughout North America and Europe from one day to one week long. Arrangements can also be made to host a Private Getaway in the privacy of your own home or vacation home.

Examples of Private Getaway events are:

Dinner Parties
Baby Showers
Birthday Celebrations
Bridal Parties
Family Getaways
Getaways with Friends
Children's Events
Holiday Events

Private Getaway rates are determined based on the agenda, location, number of participants and days. Depending on the agenda, lodging and activities chosen, most Private Getaways should range from $250 to $1500 per person per day. Please contact us directly to start designing the Getaway of your dreams.