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I recently had the pleasure of touring the caves of Combalou where Roquefort is aged.  Roquefort was the first French cheese to receive AOC certification (in 1925).  It is made from sheep’s milk from the Lacaune breed of ewes.  It has a clean flavor with a strong saltiness.  AOC regulations specify that the powders and cultures of Penicillium roqueforti used must be prepared in France from traditional sources in the microclimate of the natural caves in the specified area of the commune.  Dry salt must be used for salting.  All of the cheeses carrying the Roquefort name have been aged in natural caves for at least three months.  The normal affinage is four months, but may be extended for up to nine months.  Try it with currant or raisin bread.  Honeycomb is an excellent match, as is a nice Sauterne. 

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