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I discovered this dish on a recent trip to the French Alps. The French use a cast iron device called a brasero to make it. I have not been able to find this device here but continue to look. You can substitute a raclette maker for the brasero.  This hardy dish pairs well with a dry white wine.

1 lb reblochon cheese (see above)

Boiled waxy potatoes (such as Yukon Gold)
Variety of sausages
Variety of ham, prosciutto, salami
Sauteed onions
Side salad

You will also need:
A raclette maker or a brasero (see above)

Slice the cheese and place a couple of slices into the pan of a raclette maker. Slide under the heat and let the cheese melt until it becomes bubbly.

Meanwhile, fill your plate with a portion of the potatoes, sausages, ham, pickles and onions.

When the cheese is bubbling and has formed a crust, scrape the cheese out of the pan onto your plate.  Let it flow onto the potatoes, sausages, and other condiment.   Eat while the cheese is still warm. Then fill another pan with cheese and do it again! Keep going until you are full (or until the cheese runs out).

Enjoy a side salad with this or afterward.

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