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After trying a number of nut oils, I still love the flavor of the J. LeBlanc Nut Oils from France. These are high quality, small-batch, handcrafted oils. A few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Ann LeBlanc in Paris. She came into a Patricia Wells class in which I was participating. We had a tasting of her many flavorful oils, and I was so impressed! The nuts are toasted prior to pressing, and the toasting really brings out intense flavors. I keep these oils in my refrigerator (nut oils turn rancid quickly so I refrigerate them after opening and take them out about 15 minutes prior to serving). My favorites are the pistachio, the almond, the grilled peanut, the pecan, the hazelnut, the pine nut and the walnut oils. You can buy these nut oils in San Francisco at Village Market in the SF Ferry Building or online at: or

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