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8-10 small, ripe tomatoes
1 c. trimmed, cubed, smoked bacon, pancetta or proscuitto
6 c. seasonal mixed greens, washed and spun dry
1 T. mayonnaise
6 thin slices whole wheat walnut bread
Several basil leaves, rolled and cut into a chiffonnade
Several tablespoons vinaigrette
Fleur de sel

You will also need:
Toaster or baking sheet
Shallow bowl
Paring knife
Slotted spoon
Large salad bowl
Individual salad plates

Place about 1 T of vinaigrette into a large, shallow bowl. Cut tomatoes into thin slices crosswise and drop the slices into the vinaigrette. Turn to evenly coat the tomatoes. Repeat with remaining tomatoes. Season lightly with fleur de sel. Set aside.

Sauté bacon over moderate heat, stirring frequently, until bacon turns brown. Remove from pan with slotted spoon. Place onto paper towel lined plate to drain.

Place the salad greens into a bowl. Add 2 T vinaigrette and toss to evenly coat greens.

Toast the bread until crisp.

Arrange greens on six salad plates. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on each slice of toasted bread. Place a piece of bread on top of the salad greens. Arrange a few of the tomato slices on top of each slice of bread. Sprinkle bacon over the top of the tomatoes. Continue layering the tomatoes and bacon until all ingredients are used. Sprinkle with the basil chiffonnade.

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